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Brake Drum rear Bus

Brake Drum rear Bus

Brake Drum rear Bus '55-'63

Article code: GPPCSP501 615 211A

If you set great value upon high-quality brake drums for Type-2 Bus (Split Screen) from '55 to '63, there is no getting around our CSP Products drums! There are no other brake drums on the market that can keep up with these drums! Our CSP Products drums have a 5x205 mm PCD and are exclusively made for us by brake specialist Sebro in Germany!

Volkswagen set very tight tolerances because of the given load. That is the reason why it is hard to get the brake drum on and you usually have to use a soft face hammer during assembly. Please keep the axle shaft really clean, otherwise fitting the drum is almost impossible. Plus on used axle shafts, there can be a small burr which also has to be removed.

Please note that the assembly is really tight, but it has to be that way and it's a sign of quality!

Because of the higher load and the difficult assembly, VW changed the spline shaft later on.

€ 149.00