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Disc-Brake Frontaxle vented

Disc-Brake Frontaxle vented

Disc-Brake Frontaxle vented 4-Piston Porsche Beetle/Karman 66-

Article code: GPPKERBAKER3VA4P

his vented front disc brake system is engineered and proven to provide the ultimate stopping power. Massive 20 mm thick rotors with internal vents for increased cooling capacity and special Porsche 4-piston calipers for maximum braking power.

Fits VW Beetle and Karmann Ghia (Type-14) disc brake spindles featuring 29 mm wheel bearings and all Super Beetle disc brake spindles, when modified for new caliper seats. We can modify your spindles or deliver new, already modified spindles. The track extension is 5 mm per side. Note that drilled discs can make for a higher noise generation.

Kit comes complete with custom vented rotors and calipers, wheel bearings, seals, pads and mounting hardware. 

€ 1635.00