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Fuel Pump Kit

Fuel Pump Kit

Fuel Pump Kit with Pierburg Fuelpump

Article code: GPPCSP127 025 000BR

Once you have installed a dual carb system on your engine it is time to upgrade the mechanical fuel pump as this is not able to feed the carbs properly.
The easiest and most convenient way is to install an electrical fuel pump with a bigger flow.

This offer includes a PIERBURG electrical fuel pump bundled with a safety relay which is highly recommend when converting your car from a mechanical to a electrical driven fuel pump.
With the safety-cut-out, the electric fuel pump is switched off when, e.g. in the event of an accident, the engine stops and the ignition remains switched on. This device also protects the fuel pump against damage (risk of overheating), which can occur when the engine stops, but the ignition remains on.

Technical data (fuel pump):
Static Pressure: 0,27-0,38bar
Volume flow: 95 l/h
Rated voltage: 12V

€ 139.00