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Performance Exhaust T2 bus

Performance Exhaust T2 bus

Performance Exhaust T2 bus with type4 engine

Article code: GPPBAS21185

Exhaust system VW Type 4 Bus stainless steel with handmade stainless steel silencer.
Small but fine: thanks to one of the most elaborate chamber structures, we were able to achieve maximum performance in the minimum space, only the elaborate production unfortunately ensures a very high production price.
Our silencer is very dull due to a special chamber structure, but not intrusively loud and is pleasantly quiet even on long journeys.
In general, the silencer of all engines looks very large-volume and balanced.
There is also enough distance to the tire, the damper can be installed transversely or high.
For use in vehicles with heating (with heat exchanger) or our heat exchanger replacement tubes in the VW bus with type 4 CJ and CU engine.
37mm inside, 40mm outside, with significantly larger passage on the cylinder head.
For better pulling power and very good performance growth at all speeds.
Due to the use of the heater in conjunction with our handmade stainless steel silencer suitable for engines up to approx. 2.7 liters.
Scope of delivery: Fan manifold stainless steel, silencer stainless steel and universal tailpipe stainless steel.
Please note that the stainless steel silencer does not have a bracket.
So a fastening according to your wishes is possible!
Dimensions silencer: 330x155x108mm
Without attachment kit.

on demand