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Studbolts M12

Studbolts M12

Studbolts M12 x 1,5 x 50mm

Article code: GPPCSP009 0939 14145

These wheel stud bolts are designed with a hexagon socket on one side.

They always provide 20 mm-long threads on the brake side, available in size M12 or M14x1.5. On the wheel side, it always features a M14 thread size, depending on the version with a 30 or 40 mm-long thread.

The two stud bolts with M12 thread also have a 2-component thread lock on the brake side, which mingle when screwed in. Neither air exclusion nor metal ions are required for its hardening. It is also resistant to the chemicals common in the automotive sector. When installing, make sure that the screw-in speed is constant and that the hardening time is six hours (final strength after 24 hours). Made for single use only.

€ 5.00