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Breather Boxes round (tubeform)

Breather Boxes round (tubeform)

Breather Boxes tubeform for type1 and type4

Article code: GPPGWDKU1015

Ventilation in a different way (KU1015)

Space problems in the engine compartment sometimes force extraordinary measures. Especially when using central air filter systems, you often do not know where to store the well-known square + practically good ventilation box.

The GWD men made this problem their task and developed this compact, space-saving deaerator from a stainless steel pipe.
Two connections lead to the valve covers (12 or 15 mm) and two further nozzles serve as a connection to the clean air side (air filter). If you want, you can of course also place two K+N vent filters at this point. The connection to the oil filler can be selected in 12, 15 or 20 mm, depending on the version.
The length of the "Breather-Tube" including the vent nozzle is 630 mm. The pipe cross-section is 52 mm.

The vent pipe for the sedan allows special holders to be mounted on a "rain gutter" located in the engine compartment, behind the hood holders. The advantage of this is that only the outer edge of the rain gutter has to be provided with two holes to screw the pipe. Drilling through the back of the trunk is not required.

The ventilation pipes for convertibles are supplied with stainless steel clamps and allow installation on a flat rear wall and are therefore also suitable for other vehicle types (bucket, type 3, bus, etc.).

€ 165.00