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Crank Pulley Type-1 CSP  OEM Style

Crank Pulley Type-1 CSP OEM Style

Crank Pulley Type-1 CSP 170mm. OEM Style

Article code: GPPCSP105 251 170C

The CSP Products OEM-Style crank pulleys are made by modern CNC machines out of high-strength aluminum and are black hard-anodized.
170 mm pulleys are generally used on all 12-1300cc (34-44hp) engines but can also be used for 15-1600cc or performance engines if a lower speed of the cooling fan is desired.

All relevant dimensions of the CSP Products pulleys are made to original VW tolerances.
Standard mounting parts can still be used and the stock V-belt (9.7 x 905 mm) can also be adjusted to the perfect tension. The perfectly manufactured oil groove is also made to original tolerances and ensures perfect sealing. The ignition timing scale from 0° - 40° before TDC (OT) and a BDC marking is engraved. The weight of the pulley with 170 mm diameter is about 568 grams.

€ 99.00