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CSP Products Air Filter 44/48mm

CSP Products Air Filter 44/48mm

CSP Products Air Filter w/Logo for 44/48mm

Article code: GPPCSP129660440111

The CSP Products air cleaner with the classic CSP Products logo is available in different versions and can be configured to your liking.

The billet aluminium CSP Products air cleaners solve multiple problems in one go. As opposed to tin housings, the CSP Products plates feature guides for the air filter inserts, preventing them from collapsing. Compared to other aluminium air filters, these are extremely light, yet sturdy, and take unwanted load off the manifold mounting holes. The air filter furthermore impress with details such as the two little eyelets, which can be used to hook up a return spring, easy assembly because of the tapered spacers with matching chamfer in the top covers, and different base plates for different carb sizes. And of course they always come with high-quality, washable cotton K&N filters! They measure 95 mm overall (with the 83 mm inlets) and 113 mm overall (with the 100 mm filters).

Here are the standard features of all versions:

CNC-milled base and top plate, made from aluminium, weight optimized, yet sturdy
matching Dellorto DRLA and Weber IDF carbs
base and top plate black hard-anodized to protect against scratches
base plate with integrated eyelets for hooking up return springs
base plate with guides for air filter insert
anodized aluminium spacers with spanner size flattened surfaces and tapered ends, which act as guide cones
top cover with engraved logo
top cover with inner guides to prevent air filter inserts from collapsing
top cover with reinforced rib and chamfers for easy assembly of the spacers
top cover with reinforced area offer the possibility of later installation of breather fittings
high-quality, original K&N air filter inserts
high-quality mounting hardware included

Selectable configurations:

base plates for 36-40 IDF or for 44-48 IDF carbs, or corresponding Dellorto DRLA carbs
with or without openings in the top covers for breather fittings
with 83 or 100 mm tall air filter inserts

€ 199.00