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CSP Python Exhaust System

CSP Python Exhaust System

CSP Python Exhaust System Beetle with Type4 engine

Article code: GPPCSP251 104 042E

Inspired by the great success of our CSP Python exhaust system for Type-1 engines we made the decision to develop a Python exhaust for type 4 engines in Beetles or split window VW Buses up to 1967 as well.

As a member of our Python exhaust family it follows the same philosophy. Best performance, best quality, best fit and a large variety of sizes.
We offer three different tube diameters (42mm, 45mm, 48mm) matching up to cylinder heads either with an early or late gasket flange.
The tubing is done in stainless steel and have a equal pipe length. They discharge in the matching firing order to our well proven Python collector. 
The setup is completed by the typical Python muffler which impresses with best flow, a polished stainless steel surface and an unobtrusive sound. 

  • Header made of stainless steel 1.4307 
  • Optimally shaped exhaust stacks for maximum gas flow 
  • Exhaust stacks can be supplied for early oval and late rectangular exhaust outlets 
  • Equal pipe length with matching firing order at the collector 
  • Available in 42 mm, 45 mm and 48 mm outside diameters 
  • Painstakingly manufactured collector of pyramidal shape 
  • Compact PYTHON absorption silencer made of 1.4301 stainless steel 
  • three optional collector inserts for individual setups 
  • Solid laser-cut flanges

€ 1149.00