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Customsport exhaust

Customsport exhaust

Customsport exhaust BUS T1

Article code: GPP2020003

VW T1 Van Bus Customsport Exhaust - stainlees steel - serial optic - inside 35mm.
Here we want to show you the newest of our VW T1 Van Bus type 1 exhaust.
Do not think this is a normal exhaust or something like all other do produce!
We checked all other exhaust which are to get at the moment and at the past - the best one we used for a example on our dyno.

If you want to have a normal optic and do not want to use a header system like our Ahnendorp Streetsport you have to buy this!
This is the only alternativ which will not cost much tourque and hp!
We use same lenghts of the cylinders 2 and 4 - so see the results on the pictures by yourself.
The noise is very dump, but not to loud!
For type 1 engines up to 2 liter and 100-120hp maximum.
Also perfect for series up to 1300ccm.
Perfect to fit.

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