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Distributor CSP Pacemaker 009

Distributor CSP Pacemaker 009

Distributor CSP Pacemaker 009

Article code: GPPCSP905 205 CSP100

No other distributor combines a maintenance-free electronic ignition and classic looks as well as the CSP Products Pacemaker distributor! Equipped with the advance curve of the Bosch 009 distributor, it perfectly suits modified VW engines, being a Type-1 or Type-4 motor.

The CSP Products Pacemaker distributor impresses with its classic design, influenced by period Bosch versions. You can choose between barrel-finished or black-coated distributor bodies, combined with red or black Beru caps. Their clamps again show the love for detail: at first glance, they look like period parts, but are especially made to fit the CSP Products Pacemaker distributor.

Unlike universal distributors, the length of the CSP Products Pacemaker shaft precisely fits the air-cooled VW and 4-cylinder Porsche crankcases. So, no adaptors are needed, while damage as a result of a shaft a tad too long can be avoided.

While everything outside looks period, high technology is hidden inside. Up-to-date technology is working here! While we thought about developing a specific electronic system as well in the beginning, we soon figured out that it would be better to draw on the well-engineered components from 123ignition. The Dutch company has continually developed their electronic ignition since 2001 and are meanwhile firmly established in the vintage car scene.

The reliable technology impresses thanks to its compact design, which makes additional electronic modules unnecessary! Several prototypes were tested for thousands of miles in our own VWs, before we put the CSP Products Pacemaker for sale.

It is maintenance-free, works with 6- and 12-volt systems, improves fuel consumption and reduces exhaust emissions. Furthermore it automatically switches off current one second after the engine stands still!

The CSP Products Pacemaker comes with red or black caps, and has a barrel-finished or black-coated body – depending on your choice.

Every distributor comes with the Bosch 009 advance curve. If you want to use your CSP Products Pacemaker some day on another VW or Porsche engine, you can do so by selecting a matching advance curve. The exact description of how to do it can be found in the installation manual, which comes with every distributor.

Here are the features at a glance:

electronic ignition
Bosch 009 advance curve
maintenance-free design
compact design, no other electronic modules necessary
one second after engine stands still, current is automatically switched off
suitable for 6-volts and 12-volt systems
improves fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
classic looks down to the smallest detail
barrel-finished or black-coated distributor body
correct length of distributor body for VW and Porsche 4-cylinder crankcases
high-quality Beru cap, available in red or black
distributor body and attachment parts made in Germany
electronics made in the Netherlands

€ 399.00