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Fuel Tank Exit Tube

Fuel Tank Exit Tube

Fuel Tank Exit Tube 8mm Beetle (not 1302/1303) Karmann Ghia, Type-3 -'67, Thing (181), Bus '55-'75

Article code: GPPCSP201221113A

If you have a modified engine or a car with fuel injection, you need to get enough fuel to the throttle bodies, which can be obtained with a 7.5 mm fuel hose and the matching 8 mm fuel tank exit tube. Fits VW Beetle (not 1302/1303), Karmann Ghia (Type-14), Type-3 up to '67, Thing (Type-181) and Type-2 Bus (Split Screen and Bay Window) from '55 up to '75.

also available as an complete set, incl gasket and nut

€ 9.00