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Heat Insulation flanges

Heat Insulation flanges

Heat Insulation flanges IDF and DRLA

Article code: GPPCSP129707040P

he cylinder heads of Type-1 and Type-4 engines tend to get pretty hot. That's why you don't have to pre-heat the manifolds on dual carb motors.

Dual carb engines often have problems with vapor locks due to heat up carburettors. You can avoid this by using heat insulation flanges which isolate the carbs from the manifolds. The also needed paper gaskets are individually available, so you can re-use the insulation flanges.

We can offer the flanges for Weber IDF and IDA and also Dellorto DRLA carbs with sizes of 40 mm, 44 mm and 48 mm. One set is for one throttle and comes with paper gaskets.

€ 16.00