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Oil Pump with In- and Outlet

Oil Pump with In- and Outlet

Oil Pump EasyFlow CSP Bus '68-'79 with Type-1

Article code: GPPCSP115 2602 38

The easiest way to convert a Type-2 Bus (Bay Window) '68 up to '79 with a Type-1 motor to a full flow oil system is using a CSP Products Full Flow oil pump. You just have to pull the old pump and replace it by this CSP Product. Done! No drilling, no machining, no disassembling of the engine case necessary.

Clean oil is important, especially for air-cooled engines, as they only have a rather inefficient oil strainer from the factory. That's why we recommend a proper oil filter. Best way to do that is converting to a full flow oil system. This system provides the best possible filtering, since the oil passes directly from the oil pump to the oil filter and is therefore filtered independently of the operating state of the engine. You can also mount an additional oil cooler to the CSP Products full flow oil pump or a combination of filter and cooler.

The high quality 26 mm oil pump features specifically designed oil galleries for best oil flow and an O-ring which makes a paper seal for the cover redundant. Two centering bushes guarantee perfect positioning of the pump cover.

€ 359.00