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Pistons 94x82

Pistons 94x82

Pistons 94x82 (2276cc) CSP

Article code: GPPCSP198 073 19482

374 grams of high-tech - the CSP Products pistons combine unique features with durability. They are suitable for all-out street engines - even when superchraged!

Here are the features at a glance:

super light 94 mm forged pistons (374 gr)
CNC-machined and made from 4032 aluminium
axial offset wrist pin hole
spiral locks for wrist pins
33 mm compression height
tall top land, suitable for supercharging
maximum oilflow to the wrist pin through
double forced pin oiler
an annular groove to reservoir oil
double broach oilers
hard-anodized piston dome
corrosion resistance towards aggressive fuels
3-component coating on the piston skirts
The set contains also wrist pins (108 gr), spiral locks and Grant (optional additional Total-Seal) piston rings.

€ 850.00