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Red9 wishbone suspension

Red9 wishbone suspension

Red9 wishbone suspension front T1

Article code: GPPRED11002

The kit bolts on to your chassis, replacing the beam, steering box and all associated linkages. 
Comes complete to the spindles and includes all the mounting plates, wishbones, rack and pinion steering, column support brackets, bevel box, universal jointed link to rack and a few bolts. 
All the wear parts are sourced from Volkswagens parts bin, so that spares should be readily available for many years to come. The wishbone bushes are an up rated Ford item which should also be available in the future.
The ride quality, steering sharpness and lightness are all outstanding! it is so different to what was there before!

It is adjustable for height using two methods. The first is a coarse adjustment on the 4 bolt holes. This give 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” drop. Then there is approx. 1.5” on the coilover which makes a possible total of 7.5”! Fine adjustment can then be carried out using the coilover.
Stiffness is adjusted as our other coilovers using the knob at the bottom.
Camber is adjusted using the original camber nut we are all used to.
Caster is adjusted using shims to move the relative positions of the top and bottom wishbones. If it’s good enough for Lotus it’s good enough for me!
Toe is adjusted using the track rods as normal.
Using the coarse adjustment allows the wishbones to be kept at their optimum angles over a wider range of heights.

€ 3030.00