Safety shut-off relay

Safety shut-off relay

Safety shut-off relay for electric fuel pumps 12 Volts

Article code: GPPCSP127 025 000R

For safety reasons, the fuel pump must not pump when the engine is at a standstill. What is no issue with a mechanical fuel pump becomes interesting when retrofitting to an electric fuel pump. Here, a shutdown relay must ensure that the pump does not run when the engine is stationary. Legislation made this mandatory for good reasons. In the event of an accident, no one wants fuel to be pumped out of the tank to act as a fire accelerant..

For this reason, CSP Products has launched a new safety shutdown relay as a compact solution that achieves just that. When the ignition is switched on, the relay switches the fuel pump on for about 2 seconds and then shuts it down again. This avoids a risk of overheating of the pump. The relay then switches on only when a running motor is detected via the connection to the ignition coil. If the engine stops, the relay disconnects the power supply of the fuel pump.

Simple. Sure. Proven.

The solid and a thousand and one times proven technology of our CSP safety relay has been updated. New features include:

Relay specially produced for us made in Europe
Sophisticated technology in state-of-the-art construction means maximum fail safety
Short fuel priming at “ignition on”, thus better starting behavior due to filled float chambers
New wiring harness with brand-specific cable colors for clear assignment in the car
Extensive, high-quality range of lugs
Adapted mounting material for use of the well-known Pierburg petrol pump (Part-No. 127 025 000)
Enclosed fuse carrier for ideal placement on the supply side of the load circuit
Improved and detailed assembly instructions
Also, universally applicable for all electric petrol pumps, for switching daytime running lights, rear window heating or other electric loads with a maximum current consumption of 8A
Can be used with conventional ignition systems. The resistance of the ignition coil must not be less than 2 ohms at the primary winding. Compatible with CSP Pacemaker, 123 Ignition, Bosch 009, contactless ignition Ignitor, interrupter contact etc.

€ 69.00