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Sealing Compound Permatex

Sealing Compound Permatex

Sealing Compound Permatex Aviation 118ml

Article code: GPPCSP000 698 GDP

Curil K2 is a Non-Hardening Sealing Compound which can be applied with an excellent sealing effect on assemblies which require minimum torque loss and where high surface adhesion is required. Components with groove surfaces can be sealed efficiently and will remain functional under conditions of mechanical, chemical and thermal stress. The components can be easily dismantled. It insures great effectiveness in the sealing of internal combustion engines, gearboxes, pumps and other power units and particularly at disconnecting points such as cylinder head base gaskets, gearhousing gaskets and threaded connections of all kinds. This is especially appropriate for engine crankcase halves, cylinder base, alternator/generator tower and fuel pump mounting base. Also for the Cylinder Head Nuts on the Wasserboxer where they have to be sealed when torqued on. 
Temperature Range of Curil K2 is approximately -40°C to approximately +200°C.

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