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Valve Cover Billet

Valve Cover Billet

Valve Cover CSP Billet Laser-Engraved Logo Type-1 and WBX

Article code: GPPCSP101477100L

The third generation of our bolt-on CSP Products valve covers for Type-1 (not 24.5/36 hp) and WBX engines combine the largest possible space inside for all common rocker arms with the smallest possible outer dimensions and incredibly low weight! They have a heat-dissipating effect and, thanks to their intelligent construction, ensure perfect sealing!

All this is made possible by the manufacturing method. They are not cast, but are each (left an right versions) milled out of billet aluminum using the latest CNC technology! This is the key for rocker covers with the largest possible inner dimensions for all common rocker arm variants with minimal outer dimensions at the same time. In addition to that, organic reinforcement ribs on the inside ensure maximum rigidity.

Really fascinating is the weight of the black hard anodized CSP Products CNC valve covers. At 596 grams, the lightest version weighs just 247 grams more than a standard VW valve cover! Cast aluminum valve covers are in the range of anything over a kilo - the piece!

Like all previous CSP Products rocker covers, they have a reliable seal thanks to the O-ring seals and special shaft screws with additional O-rings. As standard, they have a laser-engraved CSP Products logo and a generously dimensioned, reinforced area (in the direction of travel) for later installation of breather fittings. Of course, they can optionally be supplied with breather fitting connection threads in M18x1.5 or 3/8 NPT.

Here are the features at a glance again:

bolt-on CSP Products CNC valve covers for Type-1 (not 24,5/36 hp) and WBX engines
maximum inner dimensions, minimal outer dimensions
extremely light
CNC-machined from billet aluminium
black hard-anodized
laser-engraved logo
organic reinforcing ribs on the inside for maximum rigidity
lots of space for all common rocker arms
reliable seal thanks to O-ring seals, cork seals can be used in case of emergency
integrated pictogram for O-ring assembly
generously dimensioned, reinforced area for later installation of breather fitting
breather fitting openings with M18x1.5 or 3/8 NPT threads are optional
very high quality hardware with special 10.9 nuts to guarantee the operational reliability of the engine even at extreme speeds and high rocker arm ratios
Made in Germany

€ 349.00