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German-performance-parts choice!

German-performance-parts choice!

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Cylinder heads are the most important factor for those who want to build an engine that performs better than the original engine, so the choice of the right head is important, Usually bigger is better handled here, but our years of experience on the water brake test bench has proven the opposite several times. ,

for those who want to build a 1700-1800 engine, on torque for eg bus, a machined (orig) or new head with valves 35.5 / 32mm is a good choice combined with eg W100, we have already built this combination several times, and make with
2x 40mm carbu's 90-95 hp, For use in beetle, even with slightly higher compression ratio 105 hp is possible, but in combination with W110, The original cylinder head is not suitable for bores of 94 mm (1915 cc) due to too little material for optimal strength under long-term load,

For the slightly sportier rider, you can switch to the Panchito heads in combination with W110 camshaft, or one of our "made in Germany" camshafts. In combination with the W110, a 120hp is easily achievable, and you have a nice torque curve for pleasant driving. are for sporty street use,

larger cylinder sizes, can work with wedgeport heads and valves 42 / 37.5 or 44 / 37.5,

You can always contact us for information about looking for the ideal components for your engine concept

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